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What you're looking at is the Future of the City and County of Denver

City of Denver is the Future of their Children's, Children - Marcus Giavanni

Smiles not Hate

Denver it's Time, to Show that "S" on your Chest

Establishing Authority Ownership over a Conversation.

As the New Year begins. Most end-users, who use Google browsers, that big chances are coming in the way of Indexing. From Indexing Personal to Indexing Business, and all points in between. Establishing Authority Ownership over a Conversation.

What most citizens of Denver don't understands is the entire conversation of Denver's Political History, has been altered, since 1963.

It is going to take 12 years to fix it Marcus Giavanni, Mayoral Candidate for the city and county of Denver.

Google+ Conversation Authority: Conversation Authority is a Google Algorithm that allows Google Authority or Google Authorship to take Ownership of specific conversations with direct connections, and verified by Google content contributors, writers, and educators. 

"GP7A News and Denver Elections Division: 

GP7A News: Reports about, December 20, 2016. Marcus Giavanni, submitted his candidacy for 2019 Mayor of the City and County of Denver. The transition from the current Monopoly (1963), to reestablishing the City and County of Denver governing, as a nonpartisan government. And all candidates to be fair with the law of 1913. Will has no choice but to set a precedence, and denounce all party affiliations, and swear allegation. To the Denver voters, who are the Super minds, to take back control, of Denver's government, through the wisdom, and experience of candidate Marcus Giavanni, future "Denver 2019 Elections"."

Remember, I didn't just wake up 10 months ago, and decide to tell the world, I was going to run for city council, but missed the General elections. So, I decide to graduate with my conversation, and go a step higher and Run for the Office of Denver Mayor.

Denver Elections Division accepts Marcus Giavann's Paperwork

Next Mayor in 2019:

Published Mar 13, 2017 4:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Next Mayor in 2019

Next Mayor 2019 - Denver Mayor in 2019 - Will be Marcus Giavanni. On Tuesday, Mayr 7, 2019. Denver Voters will be heard. Marcus Giavanni Who Filed for Mayor of Denver, on DEc 20, 2016, at the Denver Elections 2016. For Mayor in 2019 will be Marcus Giavanni. Giavanni filed for Mayor, to bring Future Denver to the next level.

The video on the right is of bad quality. But it fit its purpose. About Voice activate SEO tags. Repeated multiple times. Every time it's broadcast over Google Browser.

All topics, and content will follow Marcus Giavanni. This is Google voice Indexing. 2019 Future 2019.

Remember, this was the first-time Marcus Giavanni was on the official ballot. Terms have been used on other candidate's sites.

2019 Future 2019:Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni

2019 Running for Mayor in 2019. Be Part of the City and county you love in 2019. Marcus Giavanni is running for mayor of the city and county of Denver.Marcus Giavanni 2nd 2015 Mayoral Election.

It was during this election that the League of Women Voters. Decided not to hold a Denver Mayoral Debate or Forum.

However, there was a meet and great at a Voters' Precinct. And Giavanni vs Hancock 2015 Mayoral battle began. Not just for Candidate Marcus Giavanni and Incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock

Denver 80202-3580:

GP7A News: Denver 80202 is growing fast.

Denver 80202 is all about Real estate, Government jobs. And opportunities that don't come around too often. Unless, however, your art part of Denver since 1963.

Since 2010, when Marcus Giavanni knocked on his first door. Knowing the ridicule, and not so pleasant comments. Would be taking its toll, on weaker candidates. Walking the streets in a Democratic monopoly.

Denver Employees are looking way ahead

Kayvan Mayor:

"GP7A News: Did you hear "Kayvan Mayor" Did you hear "Kayvan Mayor 2019" Kayvan Khalatbari is running for Mayor of Denver. It's in all the media. Kayvan Mayor is "Ganjapreneur", Kayvan Khalatbari is running for Mayor in 2019

"Yes, Pizza, Weed, and Comedy for everyone...2019" Hey Kayvan, I'm in on that for sure. Marcus Giavanni, More on this later! Did you know "Marcus Giavanni, who is also running for Mayor in 2019"." Marcus Giavanni filed his paperwork on 12.20.2016. 

You won't hear that in the papers. "My 8,033 voters already now this, and they each told 10 people. Thus, 80,330 more reasons Future Denver Voters to Vote Giavanni over Mayor Hancock".

Kayvan Mayor ran for Denver Council at Large in Denver 2015 elections. He came in last. Out of 5 candidates.

Denver...we must Wake up after all the partying. (That's what every single person does in around all facked up, laughing, running red lights, running over pedestrians. Where yard signs, have replaced common sense. And gang signs written on our streets of what’s to come. All covered up by The enablers, who want us all to think focus on the swastika on the player ground As the culprit for HATE!) This is Denver folks…and they are coming in from all over the world to PARTY. You all have a clue…codes...but you want to ignore the obvious.

 All the drinking, smoking weed, whilst, drinking some of the Finest micro beers in the world. And stopping off at the many Food spots that will satisfy the pickiest eaters. When it’s time to wake up in the morning…Who’s got your back as Mayor of Denver in 2019.

What is Conversation Authority

2019Kayvan for Denver Mayor

City and County of Denver 2019: Denver Municiple Elections to be held Tuesday, May 7, 2019 | Day of Reckoning 2

2015 Denver Post Mayor 2019

GP7A News: "Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni Candidate for Mayor in 2019. That in 2015 Denver Post Mayor Marcus Giavanni is needing to run again for 2019 Mayor 2019 Mayor of the City and County of Denver in 2019. Giavanni vs Hancock 2 the Day of Reckoning for the City and County of Denver Government, Departments, Courts, Police, Sheriff, Homelessness, Families rights, Father's rights, Children's rights, Senior rights, Veterans rights, Legal Refuges rights, Whistleblower's rights. Affordable housing, Security, Gang Violence, Sustainable Energy, Citizen abuse, Public corruption, Departmental corruption, nonpartisan/nonprofit sock monkeys, and the most corrupt organizations in the city and county of Denver. Per Denver Citizens. Downtown Denver Partnership and Tami Door, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, Denver Decides, Historic Denver, Denver TV8, League of Women Voters Denver, League of Women Voters Colorado, League of Women Voters United States. And the Department heads of most of the offices in the City and County of Denver government. Who by the way will be replaced, by the next in line for promotions. You know, the Denver City Employees who do all the work. While their bosses, supervisors, get all the credit. And they suppress the ideals, of these employees, and who, have taken part of the Suppression, of the entire, city, and county of Denver'€™s Democracy, since 1963.

Really, the town advocte, has to tell ya'll this???! Marcus Giavanni Next Mayor of Denver.

Kayvan Khalatbari Denver Mayor 2019 and Marcus Giavanni 2019,City, and county of Denver, Jobs with the city of Denver. Employment , Work nonpartisan Denver 2019. Giavanni Vs Hancock #2. More Coming Soon!

Click on a link. And study it. For these links have been asked by Marcus Giavanni to Google on  dash board. To give the World. A peak-a-boo of the 2019 Future. Come back from time to time. To check on your Future of the City and County of Denver. The Future is Denver...TAKE IT!

"GP7A News: Did you hear? Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019. What is the future, city, and county of Denver Voters beware of the title trolls. Candidates who set up political pages. Whatever reason, and then don't follow through, this is banded content for sure. If you all only knew, what WE Knew. Marcus Giavanni

Coming Soon

Everyone Who Loves Denver: Finding, Everyone, knowing "GP7A News, City of Denver MAYOR2019.COM may "Everyone who Loves Denver", about the Future Denver and "Everyone who Loves Denver" and must "Be Part of the City that You Love"." Everyone; "Denver needs Love right now. Everyone Loves Innovation, Loves Love, Loves Peace. It's about to get loud! The City of Denver. About "Everyone who Loves Denver" and wishes to Be Part of the "City that You Love"." About restoring Denver Nonpartisan Governance 1913"." May everyone who loves Denver. Be part of the city and county you Love." Everyone who Loves Denver Be Part of the City that You Love. Working with Everyone who Loves Denver, Marcus Giavanni in 2015 What???

"Finding: and Knowing Innovation, Love, and Peace. Is not hard, unless ya'll...make it that way"???" The new Denver, and new jobs, and new promotions within the city and county of Denver's government.

"GP7A News reports on "How many shootings in the city and county of Denver". Crime statistics, and maps. Denver Homicide reports, Denver Police Department Information, and How many deadly shooting in "City and County of Denver", over several years. What candidate said "Be Part of the City that You Love"."

"City and County of Denver News": There is a battle going on between the current Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock and his IT team, and many departments under his control. .."and Candidate for Mayor of Denver in 2019 Marcus Giavanni"." "GP7A News: reports about 2019 candidate Marcus Giavanni and his claims of working with all those who love Denver. On the campaign trail Marcus Giavanni learned from Denver voters"." They want everyone to love Denver, and be part of making the city and county of Denver. A place for all "Denver citizens to be part of the City and County They Love. These Voters, Democrats (120,000+ voters who want Denver to be Nonpartisan. Per the Law of 1913). Thus, the reason only 75,000 voted for the
coronation of current incumbent "Mayor Michael Hancock"."

More coming soon this is only 2017.

Note: Always click on images and videos, and tilde links. To go deeper into our core!

When I appeared in this video. I had i mission, to say as many keys words. To be used by others in the Future. Based on Google Voice indexing...Go, "Ask Google Home"

"GP7A News: When this happens, it's easy to tell. Mayor in 2019, Candidate Marcus Giavanni will start to climb in Google Organic Rankings. One spot at a time. One end user at a time. Every conversation that concerns any conversation. Marcus Giavanni controls regarding Google verified content. Some people laugh, and say Marcus Giavanni is ridiculous. These are the peeps. That Future Denver Voters want to eliminate. From their government. And open the doors, for all citizens to Live, Work and Play in the city and county of Denver. And share in benefits, and obtain contracts, and employment with the city and county of Denver.

Kayvan Mayor 2019

Violent crime in Denver reaches new high click here now!
POSTED 7:41 PM, September 8, 2017, BY MACRADEE AEGERTER, UPDATED AT 07:42PM, September 8, 2017

SPNHC is a multidisciplinary organization composed of individuals who are interested in development and preservation of natural history collections. -SPNHC2017Denver

"Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni, believes in the works of the SPNH support a nonpartisan Mayor would do to promote the ideology of the and the very important role they lead the fight on Why Collections Matter and the functions they serve in the future of  Natural History preservation"." Marcus Giavanni

Building Community

Plenty of Denverites: Voters are ready to elect a New Mayor Says The Denver Post

Published February 7, 2018 2:44 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County | Denver Voters | New Mayor 2019 | The Denver Post | Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver for Marcus Giavanni 2019 | Denver Post Editor Lee Ann Colacioppo | Since 1999 | Time to Go

Plenty of Denverites: Gp7A News, Voters are ready to elect a New Mayor for sure. But it's not the dish The Denver Post is trying to serve on the citizens of the city and county of Denver. The fact that the same old Bullshi has been going on for 54 years. Denver Mayor Incumbent Michael Hancock, wants another 4 years. What can Mayor Michael Hancock offer, any different from what he (Mayor Michael Hancock), offer any different from. What he is doing already. Hell, he had to have Mayor Webb come out, and pitch for the keeping the Broncos Stadium Mile High Stadium.

A Man or women can only go so far on someone elses wisdom. Sooner or later. That same man or women will have to earn his own wisdom. Through trial and error. Learning, experiencing life From success to failure, from triumphing over, many adversities. Leading the way to gain wisdom on subject matters one will have authority over sooner or later.

"Marcus Giavanni says Denver Voters are Ready for a |New Mayor 2019" was published February 7, 2018 8:40 Pm by Marcus Giavanni of  GP7A News. (The nonpartisan news raw like the streets), in the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580"." Denver Voters, 300,000 are waking up to the carnage on our streets, within the 11 districts. That make up the boarders of the city and county of Denver. Where we have had over murders. 6.1 murders a month for 2018???

The New Mayor 2019, according to The Denver Post. Only one candidate filed for Mayor of Denver 2019. I am Marcus Giavanni. My seem voters, call me the Iron Fist. I am Nonpartisan, I will OBEY the Voters, to be the next  Mayor of Denver. Denver for Marcus Giavanni in 2019 is the conversations by those voters. Who stand silent, watching, learning, and Voting. On Tuesday, May 7, 2019. The Denver Post; Editor Lee Ann Colacioppo, voters say have been wrecking The post since 1999. It's time to go, you have reached peak leadership, as well a Incumbent 3rd term, seeking Mayor Michael Hancock. It is Time to Go!

Join the Truth Movement Innovation Love and Peace Marcus Giavanni - Marcus Giavanni

Wizard Knows All, Tells All

How well do you know Algorithms? Did you know Algorithms are used every day to protect the future. Well, close enough to the Future. That can give a good Idea what predicted algorithms. Now when you factor the mood of the consumer, the political and religious turmoil. These live emotions can turn a loser into a winner over night.

Below are some bold predictions of the future. Based on facts, authority, experience, wisdom, browsers search habits, browsers content submissions, images, videos. And much more.

Of the many things, Candidate Marcus Giavanni has completed in his bucket list. Is one that leaves most people in awe. Marcus Giavanni's triumph over adversity is amazing. And his will to be the best, is again obvious.

2019 Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni believes a great Mayor runs to bad news, and bad situations. And a Mayor who avoids conflicts, and combatant Veterans, the Homeless, Citizens, Business Owners, Organizations, etc. And uses diversions like national issues. And Gambits of Deception, and Party affiliation since 1963. This is our Mayor Michael Hancock. Not taking anything away from Honorable Mayor Michael Hancock

When you combined all the above. The below is Algorithms in Alphabetical Code with Numeric Imputes. Only a few Data Scientist know what this means. Your next 2019 Mayor Marcus Giavanni not only knows what it means. But, He knows OOP!

Click on a link. And study it. For these links have been asked by Marcus Giavanni to Google on his dash board. To give the World. A peak-a-boo of the 2019 Future. Come back from time to time. To check on your Future of the City and County of Denver. The Future is DENVER...TAKE IT!

"2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni. Was 2nd place Mayor 2015. And in Denver, is a 2019 Candidate for Mayor. Future of the City and County of Denver CO building a better community through neighborhood programs and civic engagement. Volunteerism, and community watch, a civil local defense volunteers. - Marcus Giavanni"." (2nd Place Denver Mayoral Candidate 2015 Speech), and next Mayor of Denver in the 2019 elections. Denver International Hub Launch 2019.

On February 28, 2018 Khalatbari Mayor 2019. Who Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver. When is Mayor 2019. By who Marcus Giavanni will be Mayor 2019, Michael Hancock, Westword, The Denver Post. Black Hat Abyss 2018 #TapTheVote is a Verified Google Website: We believe in doing open edit corrections, and web page development.  Live and/or massive content dump. Make sure you clear your cache. And the closer we get to the Ballot Petition Signature drive. To have candidate's name on the ballot. The more polished, our platform, and message will be, in these ever-changing times, in the city and county of Denver. Coming soon The official Mayoral Website. Launch Date 2018. 

Look, Marcus Giavanni will have handlers for sure. But Marcus Giavanni will not be handled!

So, if you want to make fun of me, and laugh at me. I have heard it all before. It's the people who I Know, and who love me. And my Iron Fist to stand up to Mayor Michael Hancock. Who admitted he sexually Harassed  a woman. Who happened to be a police officer. This proves Michael Knock has become to emboldened and has never had to be held accountable for not one thing. This is a RED FLAG DENVER CAN'T IGNORE.

Thanks Mayor, you just made it harder for Denver Broncos to get a sponsor for the Patrick Bowlen Mile High Stadium GP7A News! Honorable Mayor Wellington Webb is 100% Right! And Mayor Michael Hancock again, has damaged the reputation of Mayor Webb. Who had to come out and stick up, and stick out for the stadium.

How is it. I am the only one who can see this??? Well beside the 80,000 silent Majority who will show up, and Vote on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 and by the stroke of a pen. Will elects the nonpartisan candidate Marcus Giavanni for Denver Mayor 2019. Now go tell someone who cares about the city and county of Denver,. Colorado.

GP7A News: Announcement Marcus Giavanni Show 2.10.18 Sat 11a - 12p KFNX Phoenix, Arizona Independent Talk 1100 KFNX "Due to Fair Elections. I am forced to Move Our Show to Internet Radio" September 1, 2018 Same Time. 

Published Feb 5, 2018 10:23 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City of Phoenix | Arizona | KFNX | Marcus Giavanni Show | Streaming Live | Google | YouTube | MIXLR | Who is the Governor of Arizona Front Runner 2018?

Coming Soon

...The Google Image: From the story by @jonmurray, of the Denver Post.

Several candidates have filed to run for Denver mayor against Michael Hancock for 2019. Denver Municipal elections.

Did you know Denver Government is Categorized as a Monopoly Government. And if Denver Voters, Continue to Vote Partisan.

Denver Government to be categoried as a Kleptocracy Government, ran by Kleptocrats. - Marcus Giavanni

Published June 17, 2018 7:03 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver | 2019 Denver Maniciple Elections | Denver Mayoral Elections 2019 | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock | #TimesUpHancock |  Denver Public Schools | Day of Reckoning 2 | Tuesday | May 7, 2019

2019 Mayor: 2019 News: "GP7A News: Did you hear about "Hancock Denver 2019"? About "Michael Hancock 2019" is running for "Mayor in 2019". The "Denver Post" has told everyone about Hancock Mayor 2019, raising another "$77,000 for 2019. "Hey, Mayor Hancock". How does it feel to have all that money, from all your friends, and nonprofits, posing as nonpartisan? How does it feel to get your ass kicked by a previous holes man, with his 3 children, no high diploma, (Expelled for beating the ass of a bully, who terrorized my 4,000 student high school, in 1979. (Wisdom little Michael!). Then again so is "2019 Mayor Candidate Marcus Giavanni" for Mayor in 2019" But it's "Mayor Hancock Denver 2019". Who gets the nod from "The Denver Post?". "Organically speaking of course. Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni, running for Mayor in 2019. In 2019, Marcus Giavanni will be the Mayor of Denver"." Per advanced "Google Algorithm searches. Just because, does not make it so. It will take the other 320,000 Future Denver voters. To wake up the entire "City and county of Denver"." - Marcus Giavanni

The Society For The Preservation of Natural History

Future of the City and County of Denver Join the Movement 2018

Andy Kenney: Denverite Interviews Marcus Giavanni , Predicts Super Bowl 2020 No More Song and Dance!

Published Feb 21, 2018 8:52 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Denverite | Andy Kenney | Bias Journalist | Interviews | Marcus Giavanni | Interview Andrew Kenney

Denverite Interview: Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni, Denverites Interviews, Marcus Giavanni for Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver for Marcus Giavanni 2019, Denver Mayor 2019, #TaptheVote, Mayor Michael Hancock vs Marcus Giavanni. -

Khalatbari for Denver Mayor: Kayvan Khalatbari 2019 by Marcus Giavanni Mayor 2019 ... Kayvan Khalatbari for Mayor of Denver for 2019 Denverites Vote Giavanni 2019

Published Feb 28, 2018 :01 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mayor 2019 | Kayvan Khalatbari | Denver Mayor 2019 | Nonpartisan Candidate Marcus Giavanni | Challenger | Incumbent Michael Hancock for Denver 2019 | Black Hat Abyss 2018 Lee Ann Colacioppo Denver Post | Black Hat Abyss 2018 Editor Patricia Calhoun Westword

"I Used to Love Westword. Support their Artopia. Even sending emails to Patricia Calhoun. These fockers have talked themselves, right into the Vortex of the Black Hat Abyss. As they all talk next to their devices since 2015"." Do I have a surprise for you all. And its going to be a blast, the fast 12 years you have ever seen. Real Plat forms with real results form 2011, 2014, 2015, and now 2019 elections in the city and county of Denver, Colorado"."

The good news the Denver Post and Westword will be making some changes for the better of the community. For Denver is Denver, and Denver does not need, to be like anyone else in the World. - Marcus Giavanni click here!


2015 March 31, 2015: Marcus Giavanni predicted Super Bowl 50 and Super Bowl 2020 - NO MORE SONG AND DANCE DENVER. Time to Create your own path for your Future Denver!

SMO Worldwide Trending Algorithms: Indexed By Conversations, Impressions, Views and Click throughs ...

Kayvan Khalatbari --Denver Mayor 2019 by Marcus Giavanni Mayor 2019 Click Here now rest of this story.

Marcus Giavanni for Mayor of Denver
Published on Apr 14, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Kayvan Khalatbari | #Votekayvan2019

Kayvan Khalatbari: Who Khalatbari, "Denver 2017 News Events", Kayvan Khalatbari. Knowing when Kayvan Khalatbari run for "Denver Mayor 2019" by Marcus Giavanni"." Will Kayvan Khalatbari trending News now, finding - GP7A News

GP7A News: 2017 High School Rankings Denver Tom Boasberg: Denver Public School Superintendent Jennifer Hanson Principal South High School City and County of Denver. Published by "Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado | City and County of Denver | South High | Unranked | Jennifer Hanson | Principal | Worthless | Tom Boasberg DPS Superintendent... Denver Voters are seeing the true picture of your leadership"."

GP7A News: I have been investigating the Denver Public Schools for the last 12 years. I have no choice. My three Children have been attending The Denver Public School System for 12 years. My son, who graduates. Has been a victim, of political games, and trickery. 

Diversity Is Truly an Asset: Marcus Giavanni Brings Light Denver

Published Jan 20, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mayor 2019 | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock | #denver

There is no stronger bond than family and our belief is we are all part of a greater extended family. Join us in our mission by getting to know your neighbors and lending a hand when and where you can. Your community is our community, and we are all part of it together. Continued, check back for update. 2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni for Denver Mayor 2019. Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019 will face Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni 2019. For Mayor City and County of Denver, Colorado. Did you hear about  #timesuphancock, #denverMayor2019, #mayor2019, @denverteachers. - GP7A News

Everyone Who Loves Denver: Future Mayor of Denver 2019 - Marcus Giavanni 

Published Feb 20, 2017 3:30 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Future Mayor of Denver 2019 | #2019 | Marcus Giavanni | Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver 2019

Denver Elections 2011: Who will be our next great Mayor of Denver in 2019. Candidate Marcus Giavanni heard 1,000's of Denver citizens call their city the "Denver Metropolis". And so, they told Giavanni to build the Denver Metropolis. For Everyone Who Loves Denver. In the next coming years of 2011, 2015, 2018. With the epic year of 2019.

You're going to hear "Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock 2019" and "Kayvan Khalatbari Mayor of Denver 2019" use many of the terms Marcus Giavanni has been saying since 2010. And 2007, Giavanni's fight with the Denver Health and Human Services, Child Enforcement services. Where they took his children away from him for 6 months. But Marcus Giavanni has Full custody of children. He lost his twins, he swore to God. He would not lose his 3. Whereas, Magistrate Karen Hubler was sworn in June 2011. One money after the Mayoral Election May 5, 2011) and had Monica Jackson of (CEU). File a false summary Judgment, and had it sent to an 10 year old address in Norfolk Virginia. Whereas Giavanni would not be served, and in 2010. They took $13,300+ from a Personal injury accident, (Mike Sawaya, was Fired). That Marcus Giavanni was in 2010. So, everyone knew where I was. And what about Judge William Hood? Shhh! Marcus Giavanni and Judge Hood this case will shack up any mother! You all need to read Nelson vs The United States of America; A System in Denial "A Book for the World for the 21st Century". The OBTUSE beware!

"Marcus Giavanni Candidate Nonpartisan, for Nonpartisan Mayoral Governance. Candidate Marcus Giavanni, was the "2015 Mayoral 2nd place candidate, against Mayor Hancock". Building local, national, Worldwide Sector, Partnerships, with, Denver start up Companies, and educational tours through our Denver Public Schools about DRCOG. And the Importance the Denver Regional Council of Government; also know, as DRCOG. Marcus Giavanni the 2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate, is all action. The time for talk, is over...the Iron fist, has arrived.

For 2019, is the Super Launch, of the "Denver International Hub 2019" through, Innovation, Love, and Peace."

Through, building community, fortitude, Respect, Trust, Wisdom, and these algorithms have on the entire region, and they hold the key to the Future of the city and county of Denver. DRCOG, needs to understand that Denver voters are waking up to the fact. They have been underseige since 1963.

Many voters expressed theses harsh allegation, saying a Monopoly by the Democratic Party. And some have proof, and some proof in on the internet. But you won't hear Historic Denver, Or Denver historians speak about the Nonpartisan Elections of 1913.

It was real, and it's still today. Many voters, during the campaign of collecting signatures to get Marcus Giavanni names on the ballot.

"GP7A News and Politics: Then candidate Marcus Giavanni, after learning from the Denver Elections 2011. Marcus Giavanni could garnish the required signatures to be placed on the Denver Mayoral 2015 ballots. The

 2015 Mayoral Election was held on Denver 2015 Election Cinco De Mayo. The next Mayoral Election in Tuesday, November 7, 2019, Mayor 2019

The City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202. People For a More Pragmatic Government. Join the Movement, Join the silent majority, we don't need you to like any of our social media. If you do, and the city is monitoring your movements, over social media. - Marcus Giavanni


2019 Denver Mayor: Runoff Election June 4 Jamie Giellis and Michael Hancock

Published December 23, 2016 at 4:03 Pm : Update Aug 16, 2018 4:46 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2019 Denver Mayor | Marcus Giavanni  | 2019 Mayor of Denver Colorado | 2011 Denver Mayoral Candidate 2014 Colorado Governor Candidate | 2015 Marcus Giavanni 2nd Place Mayoral Candidate | City and County County of Denver 2015 | Hancock for Denver 2019 | Incumbent Mayor 3rd Seeksing 3rd Term | Defending Monopoly Goevernment | Denver Mayoral Debates 2019 

Denver Mayor - Mayor 2019 - - Marcus Giavanni a candidate for Denver Mayor in 2019. Since 2011, Denver Voters told me. As a Denverites'. We Have Rights. (We Must), Denverites Protect, All Other Denverites from Civil Rights Abuse, City and County of Denver Government Abuse, even Health and Human Services Abuse, Denver Board of Ethics Abuse. Family Support Abuse, Child Support Unit Abuse. Monica Jackson, Magistrate Karen Hubler, Family Court Abuse, Bonnie Saltman Abuse. Denver Police Abuse, Denver Sheriff Abuse (Medical, Denver Health, refuses services to inmates. 100% Verifiable facts...

Published May 9, 2019 6:59 AM | Update | May 17, 2019 10:09 AM by Marcus Giavanni | Runoff News | (GP7A News) | Google Calendar "Date Set June 4" | Mayor News | About | "Denver" Runoff Election June 4 Jamie Giellis and Michael Hancock election Results | to #mayorhancock | @hancockfordenver | #mayorhancock | #hancockfordenver | @citycountyden | #citycountyden | @denverpost | #Jamiefordenver

@denverpost | $2,000,000 for Michael Hancock and 107,000 voters said Anyone but Hancock | when Jamie Giellis or Michael Hancock gets elected this vote will be used to Categorize Kleptocrats controlling the Master Controls over Denver's Future Leaders and Government into. "Kleptocracy Government" and all those who have been Indexed IP addresses, Voice Indexing, Location Indexing and with whom and what day | what Category and Subject Matter | Credibility Relevance Wisdom Bankrolling "Social Credit System Scores and Rankings"

Indexing Everyone for SCSSAR 2020. Years Beyond the Talking Heads Conversations of Empty Promises by Categorized Kleptocrats controlling the Master Controls over Denver's Mayor. "Runoff Election June 4 Jamie Giellis and Michael Hancock" to Mayoral Runoff 2019 City and County of Denver June 4 2019. See why this "Mayoral Runoff on June 4, 2019 is so crucial to the "City and County of Denver" and it's Voters Choice on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 by Marcus Giavanni - GP7A News.