Denver Mayor 2019: Who is the Next Mayor of the City and County of Denver 2019

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"GP7A News: "Marcus Giavanni" "Marcus Giavanni" has paid his dues on learning, and mastering the political process for the office of Governor, and Mayor. And studied all departments, within all state and city and county assets. Why is the Denver Mayoral election so important regarding the  "Governor of Colorado front runner 2018"." GP7A News ... asks, And after the 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial election, What will the new "Governor do for Innovation, Love, and Peace." for "Denver Mayor 2019 Front runner". The battle against the Democratic Party who has a tight control of the City and County of Denver. It was even alleged, that certain entities like, Denver Decides, Inter-neighborhood cooperation, Denver Mayoral Election, 2015 by Marcus Giavanni. And the League of Women Voters Denver. Showed their ugly heads in the Denver Mayoral Election, 2015 by Marcus Giavanni. When the League of Women Voters Denver. Decided along witht he other groups mentioned previous. That there would not be any 2015 Denver Mayoral Debates and Forums. It was said by the LWVD. That the Candidates for Mayor of Denver for 2015. We’re not worthy candidates, to go against their chosen candidate for Mayor Michael Hancock. You know, Mayor Michael Hancock who has had a grip on Denver for 14 years. * years as a Denver city council Member. And the recipient of the new raises of $90,000, as his retirement per year. and let’s not forget the 6 years as Mayor of the city and county of Denver, Co 80202. For a total of 14 years of Party affiliation, rule, and monopoly. And let’s not forget, Mayor Michael Hancock’s new raise of $170,000+ Some say a $10,000 a month expense account. Never the less, your wonderful Mayor has done very well for himself. Now Mayor Michael Hancock makes $260,000 per year (and retirement for the rest of his life), and let’s not forget his $120,000 living expenses, when he should be living in the Mayor's Mansion. Oh, that’s right the city was trying to sell it in 2011 -2016. It's not a conversation anymore, because Marcus Giavanni exposed. The wishes of the Cableman for the Mayor to live in his home. That's right a home was donated to the city and county of Denver. So, the Mayor would have a place to live. Not cost the Denver as much, and a wonderful place to entertain. But that's not what, the cable land mansion is being used for. It's being rented out, and used a s party location for the friends, and supports of the Democratic Party, and your wonderful Shuck and Jive Mayor of the City and County of Denver ... Mayor Michael B. Hancock. A millionaire, and all money made of the backs of the citizens of Denver who did not Vote for Michael B. Hancock on May 5, 2015. That was about 320,000. and those other 75,000 Voters that gave the node for a coronation, and keeping in line with the continued suppression of Denver, its Citizens, Businesses, and the suppression of Democracy, and all the department heads, who will do, and say anything to keep the monopoly going, as it has since 1963. Oh, let’s not forget your wonderful Mayor Wellington Webb. He too makes over $260,000 per year, for his service, and so does any politician that has served more that 1 term two terms, with multiple offices served. 

 http://marcusgiavannifordenvermayor.com and "YouTube and "GP7A News and Politics": Announcement; Denver (2019) Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni, announces his candidacy for "2019 Denver Mayoral Race". "GP7A News" reports about ""Mayoral Candidate City of Denver" is 10 year resident of the "City and County of Denver". Candidate Marcus Giavanni will be the leadership needed, to reach beacon like, status across the "United States of America" ." Marcus Giavanni's ownership of the conversation "Who will be the next Mayor of Denver 2019",in 2019. How far can a guy get without a high school diploma??? Voters vote for "2019 Candidate for Denver Mayor" Marcus Giavanni will launch the "Denver International Hub 2019". - GP7A News

Marcus Giavanni is running for Mayor in 2019: Who will be the Next Mayor of Denver

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GP7A News: trending ... Marcus Giavanni is running for Mayor in 2019.  Giavanni is the Front Runner for Mayor of Denver’s Choice Mayor, Marcus Giavanni, #TaptheVote. - GP7A News